terça-feira, 19 de março de 2013


Maybe you like the same things different, seeking the difference. Maybe you like the difference, but without realizing it, is simply equal. Perhaps you are afraid of love. Maybe you're afraid of pain. You may be afraid of life. You may not know, who never feared the unexpected? Maybe you like to be as you are, but longs to be different ...
It is perhaps, not bothering with the simplicity you be afraid to be happy. Maybe you like, do not like is prohibited.
Maybe you like to wake up early, wait for the sunrise, or maybe you just like to look in the mirror and see a different face, knowing it is yours and that by the end of the day will have the normal traits. Maybe you like to wake up late and just let the day pass. Go through the room. Go through the bed. Pass you by. Pass the habit of passing. Maybe you like, it is not forbidden to pass.
Maybe you like the cloudy, rainy days or sunny. Maybe you like a simple sky without clouds, with blue all for you. Perhaps you would like to share it with others. Maybe you like is the same dark skies, and without realizing it, looking people there.
Maybe you like the roads in straight lines, curves or mysteries. Maybe you like is not even see the roads, is delighted with the flowers along roadsides, not yearn for the arrival. Maybe you like to get unintentionally leave. [1] leave, and never want to get. Maybe you like it is from. From. From. From.
Maybe you like the songs that invade your time, take you away, take you to the future, I return to the past ... Maybe you like the past, and casually, it hides the future. Maybe you like it is the songs that bring you to the present and promote a meeting with yourself. Is that perhaps a song is everything. That's all a hug. A kiss is everything. One ticket is all. That's all a laugh and, without realizing it, live it all.
Perhaps you enjoy yourself. Maybe you like the doubt. Who never doubted himself?
Maybe you like the mornings when the sun fills you with smiles and encouragement. Or the cold days that fill you of laziness. It is not forbidden to have lazy briefly. Maybe you like the days are the same. Maybe you like the normal days. Is that normal days bring to us normal people, normal news, normal dreams. Maybe you like the normal dreams. When everything is normal, not normal.
Perhaps you would like to hasten the time. Plans to rush, rush of the deceptions, the rush of living. Is that perhaps you'd like to rush the happiness. Maybe you enjoy playing words. Maybe you like to put your hand in consciousness. Maybe you like to want to be happy. It is not forbidden to be happy. You may not know:
We have to be happy in such a hurry that we do not stop to listen to intelligence.
You may "not" like what I said at the end, but I needed to say. Maybe you like. Maybe ...

[1] Quoted by Father Fabio de Melo: My feet want to go, my body wants arrival.

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